Move Your Business Forward

The fastest way to scale your business with the help of lead generation, marketing automation and website personalization

Hello, my name is Dimitrije

I'm a Leadpages, Drip and Right Message certified consultant. I can help you get more customers and automate your business so you can focus on the things you love to do - not on the things you need to do.

Full Online Marketing Service

We complete the process using different tools, give your customers unique experience and get you the necessary help in running and scaling your business.

How Do We Do It?

I bring Value to Your business with lead generation, marketing automation, website personalization, and conversions.


Creating unique flows of communication for your customers in their customers journey. We will identify them as leads, guide them through buying process and lead them to become your brand ambassadors.


We're building stunning campaigns that delight your audience, capture leads, convert customers, and integrate across all your favorite digital marketing tools: from Facebook ads to e-commerce. We'll keep your business light years ahead of the competition!


By using personalization on your website we can adopt your message to your clients needs and lower your acquisition cost up to 50%. This will get you more clients within existing budget.



Meet Our Team

Behind me is an amazing team of brilliant individuals contributing to everything I do. We can do much more than just consult you for building your strategy, we can build it for you with the team of designers, SEO and PPC strategists, copywriters and branding experts.


Our Toolbox


Dimitirije is one of the leading experts in marketing automatization in this region. Being an expert in digital marketing, he is focused on results, but also implementing and streamlining his clients workflows and funnels with the latest technologies and he always delivers. It is a pleasure to call him a colleague, business partner and a friend.

Dimitrije is a great guy and a person who really knows what he's doing when it comes to marketing and business, overall. He's focused on marketing automation, lead generation and website personalization which position him as one of the few in the world. I knew him for a while before we started working together, and now when we're in the same office from day to day I can see his dedication to really help customers. Dimitrije is here for the long run, and you can feel his passion when he's finding solutions for increasing conversion for our clients. He developed a strategy where customers and choosing their own way to buy a product/service, and he's able to replicate and multiply your best salesman. This is really amazing! I'd recommend him for anyone trying to grow and/or scale business.

Contact Me

I can help you get to know your customers like never before. With my help, you'll find your ideal customer at the right place, in the right time, with the right mindset to buy